9 Florence Street
Ottawa, Ontario
(613) 882-2165

Monday – 11am – 6pm
Tuesday – 11am – 6pm
Wednesday – 11am – 6pm
Thursday – 11am – 6pm
Friday – 11am – 6pm
Saturday – 10am – 6pm
Sunday – 12am – 5pm

Fine Vintage Clothing in Ottawa

An ultramodern collection saturated by the past and fueled by the future. Conceived by a need for sustainability, and our love of luxury and ludicrousy.

We pull from decades before us where garments were made fastidiously with endurance in mind, and introduce a passionately curated collection of quality comfortable classics, and unconventional statement pieces to satiate your wardrobe.

Bellwethers Vintage is an online/popup shop/brick and mortar based in downtown Ottawa Ontario Canada.